Online barangay information system

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Welcome SSS Members! We are creating more venues for you to get in touch with us. Updated January SSS online registration. This is how to register to access your SSS online account in the online system.

1. Open your Internet Explorer browser. This is the browser that works best with the SSS website. 2. Go to the SSS website 3. We were determined to come up with a system that will change all their existing manual system into a very accurate and competent Barangay Information System.

With this proposed System, it will help them save time. is not affiliated with the Bureau of Alternative Learning System. For specific questions and other concerns, please contact their official representatives or visit the BALS or DepEd websites for more information.

Barangay Kalapati was headed by Barangay Captain Rosita M. Dela Rosa. It is located at Cavite City in the province of Cavite.

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An information system is a computerized database designed to accept, store, process, transform, make useful, and analyze data and to report results, usually on a regular, ongoing basis. Significance of the Study -This study was made to find out that the use of residence information system will lessen the time for the transaction of encoding.

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Also in using this system it can recognize the person involve in this study. To the Barangay – It will help for them to lessen the time for the transaction of encoding.

The system will be the census .

Online barangay information system
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